Single Review: Benji Lewis – 'For You'

Monday, April 17, 2017

Melbourne artist Benji Lewis has just released a beautiful new song titled ‘For You'. Filled to the brim with gut-wrenching emotion and electronic vibes, this tune will transport listeners to a place of love and heartbreak. 

‘For You’ is the product of a great collaboration between Lewis and fellow Aussie artist Golden Vessel. “Everything flowed and happened naturally and quickly without any fuss,” Lewis said. The song certainly feels very effortless, with Lewis’s voice sounding right at home amongst the music. ‘For You’ has a simple and tender opening that highlights Lewis’s vocals and sets the scene. The synth beats, instruments and vocals sprinkled throughout creates a magical electronic soundscape — which to me, is the perfect musical representation of Los Angeles at night, with its cool breeze and twinkling city lights. 

Lyrically speaking, ‘For You’ is very personal for Lewis. Inspired by a romantic encounter during a trip to Los Angeles, the song spells out a love story that is deep, romantic and heartbreaking simultaneously. Just like Sam Smith, Lewis’ vocals can express so much vulnerability and emotion that every lyric feels incredibly genuine. When Lewis belts out “I need you now, it’s crazy, it’s true”, you can tell that it is coming from a real and meaningful place. 

Jumping off from his successful first track ‘Drift', Lewis has blessed his fans with yet another song to play over and over again. ‘For You’ showcases Benji Lewis’ musical ability and his huge potential as a singer-songwriter. With his EP Home For Now coming out in the next few months, I'm incredibly eager to see what else this talented musician has in store for us. 

Written by Sallie Rodriguez