Single Review: Kevin Morby – ‘Come To Me Now’

Monday, April 10, 2017

Since starting a solo career in 2013, Kevin Morby has released an album each year, and 2017 will be no exception. His fourth album City Music is due for release on the 16th of June and with it, he has decided to share the lead single in his album — ‘Come To Me Now’.

It’s obvious that Morby has poured a lot of emotion into this song. His third album Singing Saw received highly positive reviews, and Morby may be feeling the pressure to maintain his quality of music while staying true to his folk ballad style.‘Come To Me Now’ and perhaps City Music could be Morby’s way to ground himself. The lyrics “Boy, when you die? Is it pretty and slow? Is it up real high? I don't want to know” tells us Morby is curious about the potential for fame but at the same time, he doesn’t want to know about it because fame was never one of his priorities. 

Morby also uses a duality of the sun and moon to create a sense of time; a sense of anxiousness. The sun represents his climb to fame while the moon represents his humble roots. He yearns for the “sun to go down” however. Morby just wants to make good music, and he wants people to enjoy it, but the fame isn’t something he wants. 

Interpretations aside, ‘Come To Me Now’ feels powerful with its old pump organ (from the 1800’s) echoing throughout the song but it also feels sombre because of Morby’s forlorn voice. The chord progression of the organ is almost hypnotic. Its slow pace and repetitiveness suck the audience in as Morby sings of solitude and isolation. 

‘Come To Me Now’ plays on Morby’s strengths as a singer-songwriter and acts as a showcase for his development and growth. His vocals are controlled, his music is alluring, and his lyrics speak volumes. 

Written by Michael Vo