Single Review: POW! Negro – ‘Money For Portraits’

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Fremantle 6-piece Psychedelic Hip Hop/Jazz/Rock outfit POW! Negro dropped their new single ‘Money For Portraits’. 

The release comes fresh off the back of a huge 2016 for the group, including the release of two singles and some rowdy sold out headline shows across WA. The group have also been lucky enough to share a stage with big names such as Blackalicious, Remi, Koi Child and Sampa the Great. 

‘Money For Portraits’ showcases and pays homage to the group’s influences through its strong use of dynamic contrast and syncopated rhythms. Opening with a contagiously catchy psych riff, the song soon undergoes some metamorphoses — grounded only by the melodic ostinato of the guitar working to create a sense of familiarity with listeners. Through the waves of evolution, the importance of rhythmic syncopation is showcased and used as an antithesis to the organised insanity that is the production of the piece.   

This organised insanity should come as no surprise to listeners as Pow! Negro have teamed up with veteran mixing engineer David Kennedy, whose career highlights include collaborations with A Tribe Called Quest, Mos Def, Raekwon and Mary J Blige. 

Having only been together for a little over a year, Pow! Negro have certainly settled into the scene — no doubt an act to keep both eyes peeled for.

Written by Peter Rowlands

30th April - RTRFM’s In the Pines - UWA Campus, Perth WA
13th May Groovin the Moo, Hay Park, Bunbury WA