Single Review: RAC – 'This Song' ft. Rostam

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

André Allen Anjos, better known as Remix Artist Collective, abbreviated to RAC, is king of electronic indie, but more notably, has invented his own brand of feel-good music. What started as a solo project in Portugal. morphed into a three-man team after Anjos brought Andrew Maury of New York City and Karl Kling of Portland on board a number of years back.

Fresh off a Grammy win for Best Remix Recording in 2017, Anjos knows he’s had to put in his time during the past decade. On finding his form and taking home a trophy, he admitted, “Going into it, it's not like I had any realistic expectations,” but remembers, “I had to take an extra second to process it. Like, okay this is happening for real". Generally, opting for remixes of well-known artists has always been a cornerstone of RAC’s sound and well-received by his fan base, hence the new hardware. But RAC also has an impressive (and expanding) resume of original music.

'This Song' featuring Rostam, is RAC’s latest release and a convincing reminder of that talent. Anjos has always sought to add a heavy element of songwriting and substance in the subgenre of dance music where it is virtually nonexistent, a vision that began with Anjos, who birthed RAC nearly 10 years ago in his dorm room. The record achieves minor victories throughout, mixing dreamy instrumentals with hard-hitting yet elegant bass lines and chorus breaks. A cornerstone of RAC’s success is creating songs that build upon themselves, wherein tasty, easy-on-the-ears melodies are carefully interwoven. Rostam’s vocals are both chilling and intoxicating, another distinguishing element of RAC’s tracks, while thematically navigating the complicated heart-wrenching nature of breakups and no longer knowing someone.

RAC’s catalog of sound reaches far beyond being catchy, this track included. It’s entrancing, a beauty found in the intricacies. RAC’s music is a game of reinvention, a competition with their past self. What we enjoy in RAC’s musicality is the byproduct of tenacity, calculation, skill and pure imagination, solidified by their now award-winning production. A true feast for the ears.

And for the record, we were never surprised you won the Grammy, RAC.

Written by Megan Carter