Feature: ODESZA – 'Line of Sight' + 'Late Night'

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

To say ODESZA’s surprise release in late April was highly anticipated would be a grand understatement. For loyal fans, it was comparable to the first taste of water post-drought. For new followers, it was an invitation to be acquainted with exceptional music.

ODESZA’s fans are their own type of loyal, which speaks volumes to the brand of music ODESZA has released since their arrival on the scene in 2012. Making several hundred concert and festival appearances since that time, they relentlessly give their heart and soul to their craft and its followers.

'Line of Sight' and 'Late Night', though notably different, are the perfect re-introduction and reminder of why we so many fell in love with ODESZA’s signature sound. But just as any passionate music lover would willingly admit, these young men have established their own genre of music, a vibrant blend of other subgenres within the indie and electronic persuasions. 'Line of Sight' is undoubtedly the more upbeat number of the two, but both pack a punch in their own regard.

These tracks feature textured bass, reverberating riffs and an airy dreaminess, transporting the listener to a dimension far away, but one that somehow still feels familiar. A joyride through the cosmos, if you will. 'Line of Sight' and 'Late Night' leave you with an overwhelming sentiment of “it’s going to be alright”, a byproduct of simple yet musing lyrics and untouchable musicality. Their affinity for creation, dedication to fans and inspired disposition will continue to rival competition if the pair ever saw it that way. They are simply here to create and share.

They’re doing a fine job. 

Written by Megan Carter