Feature: Our Guide To The Best Tracks Of Eurovision 2017

Friday, May 12, 2017

Fans of Eurovision already know that the best song rarely wins — the fact that this year's favourite is the dancing gorilla guy from Italy sums it all up. To steer you away from the theatrics, some of our contributors selected their choice for 'best song'.

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Peter Rowlands: Slavko Kalezić – 'Space' (Montenegro)
The track seems to be a powerfully infectious expression of Slavko’s over-flowing sensual passion. Riddled with very thinly-veiled innuendo, the song jumps between thick, brassy choruses and thinner house-style build ups — confusing listeners into a hypnotic whirlwind of colourful club lights and sexuality. With opening lyrics ‘Linen is covered with feathers, wet dreams, wild nightmares, I surrender’ Slavko can only be described as a sensual messiah. 

Suzan Calimli: Alma  'Requiem' (France) 
'Requiem' by Alma is my new favourite tune. What can I say, I’m a sucker for French music. If you’ve listened to Christine and the Queens for as long as I have, you’d be too. 

'Requiem' reminds me of older times when artists could combine fun, yet emotional music to give a catchy yet somewhat nostalgic tune. There’s only a bit of English interspersed here and there, but the song conveys enough to know what it’s about: love, obviously. 

The music is beautiful; it swells, catches and erupts into a dramatic and ardent symphony. It’s easier to understand the song via the music than the lyrics — and I’m not just saying that ‘coz it’s in French.

Amy Smolcic: Isaiah  'Don't Come Easy' (Australia)
Ugh don't hate me, I don't get the idea of Australia being part of the competition as much as anyone. I didn't want to do this. I've been watching the Food Network, and I swear Isaiah's ad comes on every 5 minutes and it brainwashed me to like this song. Spoiler alert: the poor guy missed a note in his semifinal, but he made it through to the final. If you listen closely to 'Don't Come Easy', you'll notice the stunning arrangement of the song. Honestly, I think he'll struggle to make top 5 as it needs a few more vocal lifts, but hey, it's still an excellent song. 

Special mention to Dihaj from Azerbaijan, 'Skeletons' is fire.

Megan Carter: Nathan Trent  'Running On Air' (Austria)
Nathan Trent of Austria recently released 'Running On Air', which now has over 400k hits on Spotify and even more remarkably, over 1.3 million views on YouTube. This certainly is no coincidence.

Trent’s entrancing vocal prowess, high-pitched yet punching, forms the basis of this song and enhances his delivery. 'Running On Air' speaks of addressing past demons, overcoming
adversity and alludes to a promising future. Soulfully intertwined with uplifting musicality, Trent’s track is light-hearted yet biting, and genuinely becomes better with every listen.

The music video is a perfect counterpart to the song and its message, featuring gorgeous lake scenery and a jubilant Trent climbing a snow-covered mountain, raising his hands in achievement at the conclusion of the video.