Gig Review: The Wombats | Festival Hall | Melbourne | 03.05.17

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Indie rock legends The Wombats opened their Australian tour with an explosive performance at Festival Hall. The show was at near capacity, and by the time they hit the stage, the hall was filed with fans awaiting the highly anticipated show.

Festival Hall is no stranger to The Wombats, with the rock band selling out the venue a few years back.It was a warm up show for them, on the eve before a jam-packed weekend at Groovin The Moo.

They kicked off their gig playing hit song ‘Kill The Director,’ following crowd favourite ‘Moving To New York'. The band payed homage to their debut album A Guide To Love, Loss and Desperation which turns 10 this year. This album has always been on my list of favourites for years, so I was definitely keen to see it live. 

I was having a pretty shitty day beforehand, and it was safe to say, I was absolutely wrecked. I arrived at the gig, to see in much delight I had a seat and wasn’t standing on the floor for hours. But, by the second song of the set, I was out of my seat, dancing and singing my way through my favourite songs. 

They successfully changed my mood, and by the third song into their set, I was instantly filled with happiness and positivity.

They launched into a flood of tracks from their second album The Modern Glitch, which showcased songs such as '1996' and 'Jump Into The Fog'. Matthew Murphy guided the way through each album, showcasing the best of their discography. It was through clever and witty comments we shared many laughs, as he opened us up to a new side of the band. This was side that I have never seen before, this allowed me to experience the music in a different way. 

Taking a trip back to the album that started it all, they blasted into ‘Lost In the Post,’ which is personally one of my favourite songs they have ever created. 

The strong guitar riffs, and energetic beats worked together to create a sound that you could not resist but to dance too. Few bands, give me the feeling of pure happiness, but The Wombats perfectly accomplished this. 

They closed with one of their most popular and iconic songs, ‘Tokyo -Vampires & Wolves’, which filled each person in the crowd with energy, by the time the song neared the end, I could not see one person sitting down. Everyone was up and dancing, happiness was everywhere. 

They managed to captivate thousands of fans who were left chanting for one more song. The lights dimmed and we were left in darkness, before they jumped back onto the stage to give us two more songs. 

There was no disappointment with song choice as they blasted into ‘Greek Tragedy.’ The crowd was immediately back to their feet, in a wave of madness. 

To no surprise, the indie rockers launched into their massive encore tune, ‘Let’s Dance To Joy Division’. This track is one that lays heavy in my heart, and hearing it live made me go into another world. Complete insanity filled the hall as each line from the song was screamed out by adoring fans. The gig finished as big as it started, with a bang. No, I mean literally, thousands of colour pieces of confetti sprinkled over the fans in the mosh. I now look to Groovin the Moo for my next fix of The Wombats. 

Written by Allanah Sciberras 
Photos by Tim Doig