Interview: Slow Dancer on 'I Would', SXSW and In A Mood

Friday, May 26, 2017

Simon Okely (aka Slow Dancer) has had a busy start to the year — he's dropped a few singles, played SXSW in Austin and signed to Pieater. With tour dates coming up and an album coming out soon, he recently told us a little more about 'I Would', his upcoming album and what he has in store for the rest of the year.

You released ‘I Would’ recently, what inspired the track?
You know when you meet someone on Easter camp, and you quickly become life-long friends? You share a connection over how you're both great on the rope swing and reciting top 40 lyrics. The camp ends, and in the car ride home, a flood of bittersweet sadness washes over you. You realise they live far away, Facebook hasn't been invented yet, you don't have a drivers licence, and you will go back to school again and rarely see each other if ever. That's what inspired 'I Would'. 

In A Mood is set for release on 9th June, how was it putting it together?
I find putting an album together is one of the harder things in life. Because I play all the instruments, do all the producing and writing, it can be a long process, I also find it a real challenge to self-edit but I like challenges. 

Did you encounter any challenges when making the album?
All the time. If it were too easy, it wouldn't be worth doing right? It's also the most fulfilling thing I think I'll ever do. 

You went to SXSW this year, how was it? Was it as crazy as everyone says it is?
You know, we had an absolute blast. Our booking schedule was extremely busy, but my band and I had been before with other projects, and we had a game plan. I think it's as crazy as you make it too you know? If you want to trouble yourself with seeing everyone you've highlighted in the program, you will flirt dangerously with becoming a person that no one likes anymore. 

You’ve also got some tour dates coming up, is there a song from the album that you’re excited to debut live?
I'm going to be playing 'I Would' out on the road, It's one of the quieter moments on the record, and has some strings, so I'm hoping to take it somewhere new.

What comes next for you after you drop the album and finish up the tour?
It looks as though I'll get a little holiday with friends, followed closely by some more touring overseas. I'm also writing a lot lately, so I look forward to being able to really focus on that.

You can catch Slow Dancer at the below tour dates:

6th July The Gasometer - Melbourne
7th July - The Milk Factory - Brisbane
14th July - OAF Gallery - Sydney