Single Review: Hazel English – 'Love Is Dead'

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Indie pop singer/songwriter Hazel English recently released her new single 'Love Is Dead'. The track is a taste of her upcoming double EP Just Give In / Never Going Home. The song was also premiered by Richard Kingsmill on triple j.

'Love Is Dead' is dream-pop in its finest form — it gives you the feeling we got from the warmer summer days, standing in the sun and absorbing all that vitamin d goodness. Despite the light and airy feel of the track, if you listen closely to the lyrics, they'll hit you hard. Especially with words like "Tell me a secret I won’t tell / You know I know you better than yourself", and 'But I want another lover to add to my collection". The way English has combined lyrics about the end of a romance with the dreamlike nature of the song is particularly intriguing.

'Love Is Dead' will appear alongside new music on her double EP Just Give In / Never Going Home on 12th May. 

Written by Amy Smolcic