Single Review: The Kite String Tangle – ‘The Prize’ (feat. Bridgette Amofah)

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

During the first fifteen seconds, we hear a generic trancy, deep house intro. Now you might argue that the first fifteen seconds sets the tone for the song and gives us a taste of its sound, but that’s an invalid argument if you look at his previous single. ‘Selfish’ starts with the vocals and rides its strength from there. The intro for ‘The Prize’ could’ve been shortened by ten seconds or omitted, and the song would’ve sounded the same.

So, onto why the song is great — vocals. Danny Harley and Bridgette Amofah make a great duet. Together, their voices are silky and lure you into the song. They lull you and let you ride out a wave of mellow until the wave crashes and turns into synths where Harley’s musical talents are put on show. 

The layers of synths give the song a unique sound that will get heads bouncing.

The lyrics are something that can be put up for debate. On the one hand, Harley can write lyrics that hit close to home: If I’m just a name you won’t remember, tell me we at least had a moment. But he follows this up with the most generic lyrics that anyone could come up with: Don’t you wanna get away, away from here where the colours are wrong, and you could be the only one. It’s like flipping a coin and somehow winning and losing at the same time.

‘The Prize’ is a song I have mixed feelings about. Parts of it sound unique, and other parts sound generic like Harley just threw together some synth sounds and decided that would be his new song. In saying that, the song is still enjoyable and hopefully Harley continues to develop and improve.

Written by Michael Vo