Single Review: Laucan — 'Symptom'

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Singer/songwriter Laurence Galpin, also known as Laucan, announced the release of his latest single 'Symptom' last week. The London-based artist will feature his latest track on his debut album FramesPerSecond, which will be available on Friday 21st July. 

It was clear after hearing the first few seconds of 'Symptom' that I was going to fall for this track. This is the type of song that allows you to fall into a completely different universe, away from all stresses of life. 

The introduction of slow instrumentals and jagged strings perfectly leads into Laucan’s sound vocals. The soft voice of Laucan accompanies the deep but amber sound provided by the combination of a guitar and cello composition. The strong use of a guitar presence links back to Laucan’s hypnotic single 'Up Tomorrow'. 

The track brings forward a new sense of darkness to the artist uncovering a strong emotional presence. Laucan takes a different path with the single, a path of morbid, impressionist emotions. 

Excitement now looks towards FramesPerSecond, which will hopefully be filled with out of this world instrumentals and smooth vocals. 

Written by Allanah Sciberras