Interview: Jaimee from Major Leagues on their 'Good Love' clip, debut album + handmade merch

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Our faves Major Leagues released their debut album Good Love today! Jaimee gave us a bit of insight into the album, the challenges and how they created the clip for 'Good Love'.

You released the clip for ‘Good Love’, which was very cute btw! How did you come up with the idea for the clip? 
Our good mate, Luke McDonald (from the John Steel Singers) came up with the concept and filmed with us in the early morning and evening every day for just over a week, we're in love with the finished product. Luke is the biggest angel, he did the whole thing in his own time, and on top of that has a baby and a full-time job. What a guy!

How did you create the video? Did it involve any DIY work?
We all had to wake up early, or in Vlada and Anna's case stay up all night! To be honest, it was all Luke and his vision, we were happy to do anything he asked of us, for my afternoon shoot she had to stand on a tall wooden stump in the park near her house for about an hour to get the perfect lighting. 

Your debut album comes out on 16th June, are you excited about finally getting it out?
Oh yeah! It feels like we've been holding on to this for a really long time, and we are excited for everyone to finally hear it! We are super proud of it! 

What was the most challenging part?
Probably Anna and I having raging head colds during recording that we had caught from my housemate Emily (aka. Patient Zero) on the days we were recording vocals, luckily Jake makes killer hot toddy's and my girlfriend's dad Phil gave us some essential oil cough lollies that helped too!  

Where did you write most of the album?
Anna was writing in Melbourne, and I was writing in my Brisbane bedroom, we did some demos in my basement last January over a few days too and wrote a bit more then.  

Once you release the album, do you hope to play some shows soon?
Yes! We have a BIG juicy tour coming up in August, playing around the country and in Adelaide for the first time, I hope Maggie Beer comes and brings us some treats! Punters can buy tickets off our website + we have some handmade merchandise that will be on sale at our shows, which will become very valuable when we are selling out stadiums in the future.