Single Review: Gang of Youths - 'Let Me Down Easy'

Sunday, June 18, 2017
Indie rock group Gang of Youths has released a track from their second studio album, GO FURTHER IN LIGHTNESS, due for release on 18th August. ‘Let Me Down Easy’ is a chill track with mellow beats for easy listening. 

The song is like a letter to every 20-something-year-old avocado-enthusiast trying to discover themselves. With lyrics like: ‘Don’t’ stop believing/ You want someone to want you for who you are’ it’s a song that reminds us of our own humanity, and our hidden vulnerabilities. The singer’s got experience with, and a general acceptance of, life being sucky. And even though it seems the singer is singing about themselves, there’s still something to take away from the song, or rather, relate to. 

Steady drum beats accompany the song from beginning to end with a sweet meditative, zen-like, tune interspersed here and there to really drive an avant-garde-esque feel to the song. The singer’s voice itself flows effortlessly when the music, with its deep, bass timbre. 

‘Let Me Down Easy’ is a calming sort of song to listen to, and offers more than what is initially perceived. My advice? Listen to it carefully.

Written by Suzan Calimli