Single Review: San Mei – ‘Necessary’

Friday, June 30, 2017

San Mei has revealed her new single, and the title track of her forthcoming EP, ‘Necessary’. The single comes after the success of previous singles ‘Until You Feel Good’ and ‘Rewind’, as well as an east coast tour. 

San Mei’s latest single is a lifting and electrifying alt-rock ballad. Dominated by charged-up guitars and fuzzy riffs, 'Necessary' shows off her poise and confidence as an artist. The most intriguing part of the track is the way she weaves whimsical vibes with the dynamic guitars, it’s impressive. This dreamlike state is driven by her delicate and airy vocals. The track also has a strong message, in a statement she says, “The song is about acknowledging that and just trying to be good to other people, because you don't know always know where they're at”.

Listen to ‘Necessary’ by San Mei below:

Written by Amy Smolcic