Single Review: Sia — 'Reaper'

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Award-winning singer Sia has released an emotive track from her ARIA #1 Gold Certified album, This Is Acting.  ‘Reaper’, reminiscent of her other songs, rings of a true, triumphant post-battle cry. 

Co-written and produced by Kanye West, ‘Reaper’ has catchy beats and Sia’s trademark poppy vibe. Even so, it’s Sia’s vocals that makes the song. Her voice, once described as chaotic, is husky, powerful, and breaks at the perfect moments. 

The track has an upbeat ring to it, as in celebration of a great feat. And there’s no greater feat than defeating death, so to speak. Sia’s songs have always had an emotional story behind them, and that’s what appeals to most listeners. In some ways, it sounds like she’s flirting with Death, with whom she once had an intimate relationship with, realised it wasn’t exactly healthy and bade it a firm goodbye until their final meeting: ‘Don’t come for me today/ I’m feeling good/ No baby/ Not today’. The lyrics tell of an awakening, of a person who’s come through with their inner demons and are now ready to live out the good parts of life.

However you want to interpret the track, there’s no doubt the beats and the vocals make for an enthralling and resonating listen. 

Written by Suzan Calimli