Single Review: Vince Staples – 'Big Fish'

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Vince Staples’ debut album Summertime ‘06 established himself as one to watch. Vince’s musicality, lyricality, and timing are impeccable. His words are an open and deeply crucial conversation about America’s current political state.

Dubbed as the best new track by Pitchfork and Sheldon Pearce, Vince Staples is a force to be reckoned with. With Juicy J on the hook, Vince maintains his characteristic catchiness while generating political prose on top of quality production. Downright impressive. 'Big Fish' gives off an underwater, atmospheric vibe and altogether symbolic reference to the state of America and the sense of “drowning” many have felt since the election.

On the whole, Vince gives new-age hip hop a good name and frequently makes reference to the amount of influence rappers hold in this day in age, hence the title of his latest album and reference to the 'Big Fish' theory. Clearly a role he takes very seriously. Fresh off his release 'BagBak', Vince’s music is a conversation about progress. 

Even though the advantage given his status as a rapper in American society, even the biggest fish struggle to be heard. It is only the beginning of Vince’s swim.

Written by Megan Carter