Album Feature: Home Baked – SIX

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Well, the day has finally arrived, Home Baked have dropped their first full-length album. Home Baked is a rap group hailing from Perth consisting of Luchii, Evanda, Black Napoleon, Sowdy, King Lear, and Figuero Jones

Perth is currently experiencing a blossoming of hip hop; a new wave that is trying to blaze their path in the country coming from a state that the rest of the country pretends it doesn’t exist. Hailing from Perth makes things complicated. If this group (and others) were from another state would things be different? Well yes, obviously. But what Home Baked is doing is laying the groundwork for the state. Perth has always struggled creatively, the mythos of moving over east to make it is strong and because of this, a scene is always short lived. 

This tape sees some great overall improvements from a lot of the artists here.  This album seems like a turning point. After a few years of trying to find themselves sonically, it seems like the group has settled on a sound and image that they are all happy with. The chemistry between all the acts is apparent as it feels like they recorded this by passing the mic around as the songs continued to play.  

The album has a nice mix of hype up tracks and some more toned down ballads, and the album is structured in a way that it all flows well into one another.  The production on this album is also constant in the way all tracks on this tape fit together like a puzzle. 

Luchii comes through with his usual brilliant production and even spits a few fast paced druggy verses as $kinny Dom, especially on ‘Going Up’.  Evanda comes through with his unique voice and flow, especially on ‘OG III’. Black Napoleon is also another standout, and Sowdy even comes through with some chilly beats on tracks like ‘On The Low’. Figureo Jones and King Lear are the members that I am least familiar with, but both of them put a lot of energy into the tracks they were on and make me want to delve into their material more.

Is this a perfect tape? No, some tracks have some awkward mixing issues, and some verses seem like they just didn’t fit with the track either because of the flow or just the energy they bring to the track just isn’t right. I also think a few tracks could have been cut to make this a harder-hitting album that stayed short and sweet. At 17 tracks, it is a long tape. 

However songs like ‘On The Low,’ ‘One of Us’, and ‘Going Up’ standout and show the talents of these young guys doing their own thing. This tape has me excited for the group to start releasing their own individual tapes. Now that they have carved their collective sound and image, it’ll be interesting to see where they go from here.  And from one Perth dude to another I wish them the best, this is a tough town with a massive glass ceiling when it comes to making an impact, but I think they have the talent and passion to do it. 

6k forever.

Written by Rhys Prka