Album Review: LANY – LANY

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

LANY’s debut album is finally here. LANY has become a powerhouse in the alt-pop scene with their beautiful romance inspired singles that are characteristically casual. 

Lead singer Paul Klein draws inspiration from love, loss, and breakups to create a dynamic and heartbreaking album. Littered throughout the album are break-up ballads which tug at your heartstrings. 

LANY uses a multifaceted approach to relationships including the ups and downs, fights, and the inevitable breakups to create an album that can be selfish at times but is liberating. It’s easy to see why LANY has become so popular. Songs are filled with Paul Klein’s dreamy vocals, backed up with wistful synths and relatable lyrics.  

The full-length album has shown how they have been exploring and expanding their sound, allowing them to bring in new sounds into their musical landscape, making a more well-rounded release. 

With the mix of EDM and lively synth pop, LANY eases you into the album with the track ‘Dumb Stuff’, which is sonically different to their older releases. In the background of the track is the sound of rainfall, creating a gloomy atmosphere which sets the mood for the rest of the album. 

Following on from ‘Dumb Stuff’ is the track ‘The Breakup’ which is where LANY truly shines. The slower, more emotionally charged track is intertwined with exceptionally personal lyrics. ‘Super Far’ takes us in a different direction from ‘The Breakup.’ The track is filled with reverb-heavy beats and carried by the striking vocals. Lyrically speaking it heavily pushes the premise of the album, especially in the line, “if this is love, I don’t want.” ‘Good Girls’ is a bouncy pop song, with a punchy hook and glimmering melodies which suck you in. The poignant yet beautiful lyrics will resonate with listeners.

Brooding vocals are a speciality of LANY, and they are the most evident in ‘Hericane.’ Courtesy of lead singer Paul Klein, the song is airy and reflective.‘Flowers On The Floor’ has an engaging chorus and the catchiest chord progression I’ve heard in a while. Klein is gushing sappy romance over the top of upbeat poppy synths that LANY excel at. 

‘Hurts’ is a standout track because of how reflective it is, showcasing a tinge of maturity which is missing from other tracks. Instead of blaming the other person, he admits that it was his fault for the downfall of a relationship. During a rocky part of their relationship, Klein reminisces to a better time, throwing back to their 2016 hit ‘pink skies.’

Lyrically is where the band struggles with full on and cheesy lyrics. While they may sound sweet, when broken down they don’t mean much. The pop by numbers lyrics throughout most of the album is simplistic. The immaturity of Klein is evident in ‘Overtime’ when he sings, “This can't be the end / If it ends like this, you win,” as if relationships are a competition. Klein has no sense of self-awareness, and it is unmistakable in ‘Hericane’ when Klein croons ‘But I think it's time, time you realised / You're the one in the wrong.’ Klein takes barely any responsibility throughout this record and is often blaming the other person for heartbreak. 

The album is a success story of how far LANY has come since they released their version of dreamy, synth-driven LA pop into the world. While the songs are great pop anthems, the band must continue to grow, particularly lyrically in order to endure. 

Written by Megan Venz