Feature: Local Artists We're Lovin' Right Now – 07.07.17

Friday, July 7, 2017

Emily Daenell's new regular feature will highlight the local gems you need to note down and add to your playlist. ASAP. 

God damn, I love the internet. Mainly for the plethora of platforms for up & coming local Aussie legends to share their fresh new choons with ya! Now, I know it can be a little time consuming trying to sift through the masses. That's why I've nominated myself to take the time to completely ignore all of my life responsibilities, kick up my feet for the day and curate this hip lil' guide for you to hop to each week so that you can complete your own life responsibilities with the freshest new oz acts playing in the background. You're welcome!

Who: A. Swayze & the Ghosts
What: 'ICU'
Where: Hobart
Why: Among other things, bands like the Stones & the Beatles can attribute the success of their music to a simple formula  they literally kept it super simple (most of the time). Now excuse my brazen comparisons, but A. Swayze’s simple narrative, over a simple riff with a gradual build makes for something, well, simply bloody marvellous. Their influences shine through on this one, and for a first release, I must say that me likey  very much so!

Who: Foreign/National 
What: 'Sunny Afternoon'
Where: Melbourne
Why: They’re the perfect concoction of jazz/funk/psych with a sprinkle of indie rock (whatever that term actually means). Fans of Unknown Mortal Orchestra and such will swoon over this one. Must like UMO, this is a windows down on a windy road type of jam. Plus the opening lyric is “I was always, because I masturbate”  boom.

Who: Neil Frances
What: 'Dumb Love'
Where: Sydney
Why: It’s Saturday arvo. You guys decided that you were going to have a quiet one on Friday night so that you could wake up and go out and explore the natural world  make the most of your weekend ya’know? You’re home from your adventures now and you’ve bought a slab, sitting on the balcony in the sun, reminiscing on that funny thing that happened a few hours ago and ready for whatever is next. Cue Dumb Love  kick back to a bev and start planning your next moves (more bevs, obvs).

What: 'Swam Out'
Where: Perth
Why: Shoegaze psych pop laced in fuzzy guitar, wrapped up in warm vocals that evoke a little nostalgia, even though you’ve probably never heard it before? A melodic dream, that’ll force your eyes shut and your head to swing from side to side and back again. Super keen to see what these guys do next!

Written by Emily Daenell