Feature: Local Artists We're Lovin' Right Now – 27.07.17

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Recently, John Oliver was cast as Zazu in the Lion King remake. So, in keeping with the theme of “things-that-just-work-so-fucking-perfectly”, here are your new playlist additions for this week:

Who: Tuppaware Party
What: Liquid Melancholy
Where: Sydney
Why: I seriously have not been able to stop playing this, but I’m stuck on how to describe it to you! I mean, how do you draw an influence from something that sounds like nothing else? If lava lamps made noise – this is what it would sound like. Pure liquid & I’m obsessed.

Who: The Attics
What: Lying Together
Where: Melbourne
Why: Straight up I get hit with a Michael Hutchins vibe (love) in the opening vocals, which soon melts into a gooey Parquet Courts v UMO flavoured 7/11 slushie. I do crave a little more punch from it – but nevertheless is still super funky!

Who: King IV
What: We Can Get It ft. Rromarin
Where: Melbourne – I think?
Why: This is absolute fi-yaaaaaaaaah. I’m never going to claim that I’m a trap/electronic guru – because it’s not usually my cuppa soup. But this production is tight. The creativity laced into the vocal manipulation makes this a truly addictive 3:23 minutes. 

Who: Goji
What: Confessions
Where: Sydney
Why: Dreamy, dreamy, dreeeeamy electronica that I’m sure will pop up in Bonobo’s playlist in no time. Also on the hunt for a piano teacher after hearing this – anyone know a guy?

Who: The Harpoons
What: Do You Want My Love?
Where: Melbourne
Why: As the self-professed "chick who's hogging the fucking iPod" at the party, a solid 90s disco jam is always my go-to. And right now there is a perfect Harpoon-sized hole in the rotation between Modjo, Groovejet & Mark Morrison. This is seriously funky. I'm not sure if they're a few years late to the flawless disco scene or the first ones to arrive at the revival party – I'm just really really glad they're here (Flight Fac fans, take note).

Written by Emily Daenell