Gig Review: Grinspoon | Melbourne | 30.06.17

Sunday, July 2, 2017

(photo: Kristy Smolcic)

Grinspoon are one of Australia's most iconic rock bands. Since announcing their hiatus, they've been sorely missed from our rock scene — it can be strongly argued that it's hard to name a rock band in this country that represents what Grinspoon are all about. Despite their hiatus, they are still loved as much as ever, as evident from the amount of love they received from their fans during the course of their set. 

As expected, Grinspoon opened their show bursting with energy, playing the high-powered and dynamic 'Pressure Tested 1984'. The first track saw the crowd erupt into a frenzy. This energy was again on full display during one of their more peculiar tracks 'DC x 3'. Many people lost their absolute minds during the performance, whilst enthusiastically yelling out 'dead cat' repetitively.  It was a surprise to see this one played so early, but it got the fans amped, and that's all that is important.

The initial part of their set saw them perform some of their biggest hits, like the short, yet iconic 'Just Ace' — which was one of my highlights from their let. 'Just Ace' is a staple for all Grinspoon fans and it was a treat to see it live and to witness the fans show the track all the love it deserves. Another one that appeared in their initial part of the set was 'Champion', which was powered with energy and vigour.

The encore was certainly interesting. I mean, I'm not sure we can even really call it an encore, the length of it was the equivalent of another section of the set. Spanning approximately eight songs, the 'encore' saw the excitement and exhilaration continue, both from the fans and the lads on stage. This part of the set included major tracks like 'Hard Act to Follow', 'Chemical Heart' and 'Lost Control'. They ended the night with 'More Than You Are'.

Grinspoon reaffirmed why their presence in Australia's rock scene is necessary and essential. Here's to another incredible 20 years. 

Photographer: Kristy Smolcic