Gig Review: Saskwatch | The Lansdowne Hotel, Sydney | 6.7.17

Friday, July 14, 2017

This month, Saskwatch previewed their new album Manual Override at a lovely intimate gig at the newly opened Lansdowne in Sydney. The dream-pop outfit explained that they have been locked away in a house in Byron, writing track and freaking out about how they would go down. It’s been a few years since we last heard anything from the group. And by the sounds of it, they’ve found a new, very exciting direction to head down!

They’ve ditched their pop synth sound for a deeper, slightly more psych-pop kinda vibe. A risky move, but so far it has proved profitable.

'December Nights' and 'Then There’s You' were the two openers. These two tracks have really set the tone on where the guys are going with the new album.

Then there’s you has a really Connan Mockasin feel to it in the spacey synth. It’s a very chilled version of Saskwatch that bodes well with me!

Without catching the names of all the tracks that followed – the best way to describe the new album is the love child of Miike Snow, Pond & Connan Mockasin. The base in each of the tracks was very mechanical, slow and heavy. But juxtaposed with her sweet vocals, and dreamy synths that work well to add the psych element to the sound.

They ended with the classics, 'Born to Break Your Heart' & 'These Hands', but not before telling us they were going to be playing “a bit of an emotional song”.

I thought they were kidding. They were not. This is the one I’m most excited for on the newbie – mostly because I’ve exhausted all of my “songs to cry to in the shower” and this one just tugs at dem heart strings – oh so hard!

Manual Override will be available on Friday 4 August. Pre-order it now to ensure all of your shower crying needs are satisfied!

Written by Emily Daenell