Gig Review: Ceres | Melbourne | 11.8.17

Friday, August 18, 2017

Homegrown talents Ceres played to a sold-out crowd at Max Watts during their Melbourne show. It was a perfect night for a hometown show at the conclusion of the Stretch Ur Skin Tour.

The night opened with the Press Club. The female-fronted rock group blasted onto the stage and delivered a performance that set a tone for a good night ahead. Next up was Slowly Slowly. Melbourne’s very own Slowly Slowly presented a set that didn’t disappoint by lifting the intensity of the crowd.

The audience now looked forward to Smith Street Band’s front man, Wil Wagner to take to the stage. We were eagerly waiting for Wil to jump on when we were graced with The Smith Street Band. This beautiful surprise was a perfect edition to a special night ahead. The band opened with top track 'Young Drunk' which was followed by an influx of tracks from their latest release More Scared Of You Than You Are Of Me. The Smithies played home town favourites such as 'Death To The Lads', 'Birthdays and Surrender'. The lads left the crowd wanting more as they finished their set. Our sights were now set for headliners Ceres.

The crowd immediately erupted when Ceres walked onto the stage, before launching into favourite 'Laundry Echo'. There is truly nothing better than being apart of a hometown sold-out show. Ceres belted out tunes such as 'Happy in Your Head', 'Roll Ur Eyes' and '91 Your House' that truly left me filled with both amazement and happiness.

It was clear how nostalgic this gig was for the band and how far they have grown. Tom Lanyon, lead vocalist commented on this saying that he couldn’t believe that he was playing at this venue to a sold-out show.

Tom invited Wil back to the stage where they delivered a performance like no other. I was waiting with excitement to hear 'Stretch Ur Skin' live, and man did it deliver. Ceres ended their set with the beautiful track of 'Baby’s Breath' before being persuaded back on by the crowd for an encore. 

The first track was personal favourite 'Sook', played as a solo performance by Tom. Ceres ended on a high, with 'Jam Song'. This gig took my breath away in a sense that I didn’t see possible. I will now eagerly wait until the next time I am graced with the presence of young lads Ceres. 

Written by Allanah Sciberras