Feature: Local Artists We're Lovin' Right Now – 14.09.17

1:09 PM

We’ve trailed the web to search for some locals who have been killin’ it lately. Below are some of tracks we’ve had on repeat from our faves!

This one is fresh, but it’s been stuck on repeat since it dropped. ‘Nylon’ is a serene soothing number that features stunning arrangements and introspective lyrics. The Melbourne duo, who are cousins, have created something truly special and I’m eagerly awaiting for their next move. 

Bus Vipers is a multi instrumental from Sydney, and he unleashed his debut EP Federal Highway recently. ‘Palace’ is a wonderland of all that is beautiful about psychedelia and we’re hooked. 

It’s hard not to love 'Don't Let Go', it’s infectious gold. I can assure you that you will have it stuck in your head on the commute home and you won’t be mad. 

We featured ‘Frails’ the other day, but it’s so damn good that we had to slide it into another feature. If you haven’t listened to the magic that is elkkle yet, stop everything and listen to ‘Frails’ now. Do it. 

Melbourne-via-Narooma artist Emma Russack created ‘Body Goals’ as a sardonic take on Instagram culture. It’s a reflective track that looks at the very familiar world we live in where so many are obsessed with the constructed realities of social media. 

Written by Amy Smolcic

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