Interview: Godlands on THIS THAT, 'Finally' and live shows

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

With THIS THAT 2017 fast approaching, we're running a series of interviews featuring some of our faves on the lineup. 

After dropping her hit 'Finally' recently, Godlands is now on everyone's radar. With even more new music coming soon, she's one to look out for! To celebrate THIS THAT, we asked Godlands about 'Finally', live shows and asked her to play a game of 'This or That'.

THIS THAT festival takes place on Saturday 9th November at Wickham Park in Newcastle. Grab your tix here

Congrats on your single ‘Finally’ We've had it on repeat since I first heard it a couple weeks ago, what was the process of putting it together?
Thank you! I always start with a good beat I like and then build off of that. Then played around with a  bunch of different lead sounds. The plucks came together first and then the second drop lead. Soon after the melodic side came! I think I just played around with a heap of ideas and then it all fell together.


If you had to take any non-electronic track and make a trap remix out of it, what would you choose?
The Kath & Kim theme song

When playing live, what’s your favourite track to play to get the crowd amped?
Finally ;)

Do you approach playing festivals differently than club shows? 
Certainly. If there are songs that I play in club gigs by artists on the festival line-up, I won't play it because that's DJ etiquette. But generally, with festivals, you get to go as hard as you like, whereas unless you're a headline act sometimes you have to pull it back and cater to a time slot. I love playing festivals as I have free reign to show exactly what I love!

There’s quite a few incredible electronic artists playing THIS THAT this year, is there anyone you’re looking forward to catching? 
The lineup is fire, there is no one I don't want to see tbh. Alison is always a favie, Paces and Luude are my dudes. Zeds will bang. EVERYONE GUYS I CAN'T DECIDE.

What else do you have in-store for 2017? 
I'm about to go on tour with Shockone this October and November, which I'm stoked about! Plus I have 2 more singles out before the end of the year, so keep an eye out.

Now in the spirit of THIS THAT, we’ve got some quick-fire questions where you choose one or the other...

Gig on a boat or an island? 
Either would be so okay with me.

Rihanna’s Anti or Rihanna’s Rated R
This is an unanswerable question.

Lasers on stage or confetti? 
Confetti in the day, lasers at night 

Eating before or after a gig? 
Before. You must line the stomach before delving into your rider.

Diplo or James Van Der Beek playing Diplo on ‘What Would Diplo Do?’ 
OR James Van Der Beek playing Diplo and Diplo playing Dillon Francis?