Feature: The Ingredients of Bloom with Tiarne

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Brisbane-based singer-songwriter Tiarne recently delivered with her debut EP Bloom. Tiarne shares the inspiration behind her EP and the elements that shaped it.

If you're in Brisbane on November 9, be sure to catch her EP launch at Black Bear Lodge, with special guests Claw Machine and Opaeka. Tickets available via the link.

I was lucky enough to study music at uni and being exposed to a bunch of different genres. Uni has really shaped who I am as an artist and helped me discover my unique approach to music. 

Arcade Fire - The Suburbs
Okay, so this album is my all time favourite and has inspired me in so many areas of my music. I love the concept of this album and the suburban themes it explores which really resonates with me and my personal themes. I love the eerie vibe of this album and how it all connects as one. It’s the best. 

I am someone that can cry at the drop of the hat and feel exactly what other people are feeling by putting myself in their shoes — so sometimes when I’m going through photos I feel myself back into that time I was in and it inspires me to write about that situation. I didn’t start writing until I was 18, so I have a lot of the past still left to write about! 

Gold Coast: 
I was born and raised on the Gold Coast and a lot of my songs reflect on my childhood and teenage life there. It’s my home and it’s always a constant feeling of being torn between the city that brings me so much opportunity and the tranquillity of being by the ocean where I’m from. 'Throwing Stones' was heavily influenced by this feeling and talks about both good and bad memories associated with my hometown. 

Lorde - Pure Heroine
This album is iconic! All elements of this album speak to me on a whole other level! Lorde also explores themes that resonate with me like growing up, moving out and learning to drive — all these little things that make up the fact you’re becoming an adult. I love her minimalist approach to the music that lets the lyrics speak. I know Lorde has her own unique themes going on here with royals and things but I really connect with her suburban approach to Pure Heroine — which is ironically also inspired by Arcade Fire’s The Suburbs.

You can stream Tiarne's EP Bloom below: