Feature: The Ingredients of Rules Of Engagement with Ria Hall

Friday, October 27, 2017

New Zealand's Ria Hall creates music that is fearless. She uses her creativity to share the stories of her culture in both English and Te Reo. Today, she releases her debut album Rules of Engagement. To celebrate the release, Ria Hall reveals the inspiration behind her reflective and moving LP.

New Zealand Land Wars - Battles of Gate Pā and Te Ranga, Tauranga, 1864 
The Rules Of Engagement were written before these battles in March 1864 by Henare Taratoa and is where the name of the album takes its name from. The battles also inspired the tone of the album both lyrically, sonically and musically which added huge value to the creation process. 

To Pimp A Butterfly, album by Kendrick Lamar 
I adore how this album is a complete work from go to whoa. From start to finish, I could feel the journey he is taking the listener on. I wanted to try and be as attentive to the audience and their needs in order to understand my work as he did. I appreciated getting that from his album. 

I come from such a glorious place. It has everything — sun, sea, rivers, forest, seclusion, inclusion. And my family. When I’m away I miss home terribly. In short, this place is the reason for all that I am. 

The Gospel, video by Alicia Keys
I love the rawness of this video and work. She is displaying all the sides of her New York, and all its nooks and crannies, good and bad. I love how its shot, in black and white. And I love her artistry. Pretty much, I love her... mad girl crush. Lol! 

The Motivation Manifesto, book by Brendon Burchard 
This is such a great read. Its reaffirms so much and encourages you to trust your intuition, all the while keeping everything clear! Highly recommended read!