Feature: Slum Sociable Share Their Fave Halloween Flicks

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

In the spirit of Halloween, Melbourne's Slum Sociable share some of their fave scary films. Okay, so their definition of scary is open to interpretation, but they gave us a laugh with their choices. Have a scroll through their A+ picks and responses below.

There Will Be Blood
This is surely one of the most horrifying displays of human nature there is. Best to be watched with a milkshake.

Billy Madison
Who gave Adam Sandler the go-ahead for this one? It's truly terrifying.

The Witches
This movie was the source of so many nightmares. That scene where the head witch takes off her wig? Madness. Puts our progress as human beings back about two years.

Harold and Maude
Horrifyingly underrated film. A nice slice of dark humour. We're film critics now. 

Tim and Eric's Billion Dollar Movie
Just an awful, awful film. Will leave you spooked. 5 stars. 

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