Interview: Leon De Baughn from Crooked Colours on THIS THAT, pre-gig rituals and Vera

Friday, October 20, 2017

With THIS THAT 2017 fast approaching, we're running a series of interviews featuring some of our faves on the lineup.

Electronic-indie trio Crooked Colours have had a chock-a-block year. Not only did they release a stellar debut album, Vera, they’ve also been jetting around on a world tour, playing sold out shows across the nation. Currently touring Europe, the boys will be back on home soil in November to play THIS THAT festival.

To celebrate THIS THAT and the release of Vera, we asked the Leon De Baughn about their debut album, pre-gig rituals, and asked them to play a quick round of ‘This or That’.

After much anticipation, your debut album Vera finally dropped earlier this year! It’s an amazing collection of songs, how long did it take you to pull it all together? 
It was a long process for us. Most of the tracks took awhile to come together. Overall I think we spent around a year on the tracks that made the Album 

How did the process for this album work, do each of you have set roles? Or is it a big team contribution? 
For us its a team contribution. Phil and I bounce demos back and forth until we are pretty happy with them, then we get Liam in to do some drum parts for the songs.
You’re taking this album on a national and world tour, that’s a lot of time together, who has the most annoying habits on the road? 
Would have to be our Manager. His snoring is out of control 

Do you still get nervous before stepping on stage? 
Yeh 100%. I think it’s good to be nervous otherwise you become complacent 

Do you have any pre-gig rituals? Anything to psych you guys up before playing?
We’ve just started planking pre-show. I think we can do about 2mins plank time which is pretty good for us as we are pretty unfit 

One of my favourite tracks on this album ‘I Hope You Get It’ features Aussie hip-hop hero Ivan Ooze, how did that collaboration come about?
We had that song on the back burner for awhile as Phil wasn’t able to put a vocal melody to it. We thought it we would be cool to put a rapper on it. That's when Ivan Ooze came into it and smashed it. He sent the track back the next day with finished vocals.

Aside from Australia, where has been your favourite place around the world to play? 
We just finished a tour in Germany and it was sweet. Really cool seeing people from another country vibing our music

You’re no stranger to the festival circuit, but what are you most looking forward to about playing THIS THAT?
Really keen to see The Presets play. I’ve heard they have new tunes on the way so hopefully, they drop a couple!

2017 has been a big year for you and you’ll be kicking 2018 off with the North America leg of your tour, do you have any downtime planned after that? 
Yeah, absolutely going to lock into writing the second record

Now to celebrate THIS THAT, we’ve got some quick-fire questions…

All leather or all lyrca outfits on stage? Lycra 
Post gig sausage sizzle or Maccas run? Maccas 
Play a midnight set or a sunrise set? Sunrise
Back up dancers or acrobats on stage? Acrobats
Your mum or your grandma to name your next album? Mum

Written by Rowan Montgomery 

THIS THAT festival takes place on Saturday 9th November at Wickham Park in Newcastle. Snap up your tix here

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