Single Review: Aisha Badru — 'Bridges'

Monday, October 30, 2017

Aisha Badru's new single 'Bridges' is a track I randomly stumbled across, and I am excited that I did as it's absolutely dazzling. All it took was 30 seconds for me to fall in love with the New York singer/songwriter's new track, and now I've had it looping on repeat for over an hour. 'Bridges' will be on constant repeat until the end of the year, that I can guarantee. 

'Bridges' is captivating on many levels. Listening to the track brings to life all those unnerving feelings entrenched inside you. If you've ever found yourself in any predicament where you've needed motivation to get through it, 'Bridges' is music to your ears (literally and figuratively).Through her remarkable lyrics, she reaffirms the importance of perseverance, even when this can be challenging. Another enthralling aspect of 'Bridges' is her smooth vocals that work harmoniously with the atmospheric essence of the instrumental. Aisha Badru truly is an astonishing songwriter and it's as if she weaves magic into her music through her gripping and thoughtful words.

Listen to 'Bridges' by Aisha Badru below.

Written by Amy Smolcic