Single Review: Lost Film — 'Galaxy'

Monday, October 30, 2017

Lost Film is a project by Jimmy Hewitt from Easthampton, Massachusetts — recently, he unleashed his release Broken Spectre, which is full of enchanting gems. 'Galaxy' features on the release and showcases his savviness for telling stories through his exquisite music. 

'Galaxy' is delicate in nature. Despite the softness of the melody and his words, his use of the guitar is reminiscent of an uneven heartbeat — this demonstrates the feeling of being nervous about something. The way he has used the guitar adds depth to the song. Another highlight of 'Galaxy' is his sentimental lyricism. The words are capturing and evoke a range of feelings and emotions. The best way to describe 'Galaxy' is when you're having an amazing dream, and you don't want to wake up (even when you know it's inevitable), 'Galaxy' is that dream. 

You can listen to the rest of Lost Film's Broken Spectre here.

Written by Amy Smolcic