Single Review: LuvAbstract — 'Driveaway'

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Sometimes you stumble across songs that can completely change your mood, LuvAbstract's 'Driveaway' is one of them. 

Listening to 'Driveaway' brings all those warm and fuzzy feelings of love. Despite the futuristic vibes of the track, it sounds like something that belongs in your fave old-school rom-com (fyi, for me, it's Sixteen Candles). The nostalgic feel of the track is alluring, and I guarantee it will make you smile at least once whilst listening, probably more, probably throughout the whole thing, don't deny the feels. 

In a statement, LuvAbstract says that the track is segmented, where the first verse is about post-date euphoria, and the second refers to the build-up to the first kiss. One of the many highlights of 'Driveaway' is LuvAbstract's ability to tell a story. Lyrically, the track has been well crafted in a way that tells a beautiful story of infatuation and the goodness that comes along with that. 

LuvAbstract will be releasing a new EP next month and waiting for it has me feeling like an excited puppy.

Written by Amy Smolcic