Single Review: Slow Turismo — 'Pistol Powder'

Friday, October 27, 2017

Canberra's Slow Turismo just released their brand new single 'Pistol Powder'. Along with the release of 'Pistol Powder', the quartet will be playing a series of shows late next month and in December. 

Though the overall aura of 'Pistol Powder' feels light, breezy and beach-time ready, the track's vocals add another dimension to it. The vocals are hazy and are reminiscent of that feeling of drinking too much (hands up if you can relate?). According to the band, the song is about the weekend warrior who experiences post-weekend desolation and unfulfillment. Slow Turismo captures both vibes perfectly — the fun of days in the sunshine, as well as the emotion of regret — and juxtaposes them against each other. It's interesting since they are both completely different feelings, but it's effective. 'Pistol Powder' is the type of song you could have replaying in the background, whilst you're reflecting in your hammock (BRB, I need to go buy a hammock). 

As mentioned earlier, Slow Turismo will be playing shows soon. Check out where you can catch them on the road below.

Written by Amy Smolcic

You can catch Slow Turismo at the below dates:
30th November - Brighton Up - Sydney 
2nd December - Phoenix Bar, Canberra
9th December - Yarra Bar - Melbourne