Single Review: Wy — 'Gone Wild'

Thursday, October 26, 2017

I only came across the incredible sounds of Wy recently, and I wish I didn't wait so long! The duo from Malmö Sweden, featuring Ebba Agren and Michel Gustafsson, released their debut LP Okay on October 20th. 

'Gone Wild' is captivating and sees them create sad pop in it's purest form. As a whole, the track's elements are minimal, yet the emotional punch is anything but this. Ebba's voice carries a depth of emotions and causes an eruption of goosebumps. You would have to be a robot to not be bewitched by Wy's spell. Lyrically, 'Gone Wild' is dazzling. The words of the track are raw and reflect the perils of having anxiety, particularly with words such as "In my head they all live forever / And I could never let go". Anyone who has found themselves in a position where they've been overcome with feelings of doubt or internal disquietness will be able to relate to the powerful themes of the track. 

'Gone Wild' features on Okay. You can listen to their debut album here.

Written by Amy Smolcic