EP of the Week: Amanda Mair – To the Moon

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Swedish singer-songwriter Amanda Mair released recently her new EP To the Moon, and be prepared to be spellbound by its amazingness. Amanda was only a teenager when she caught the attention of the world with her debut single 'House' in 2011. As time has progressed, she's further developed and evolved her sound. 

The EP's opener 'Stay You and I' is an atmospheric track with powerful vocals and production. The track is about battling through conflicting emotions relating to the feelings connected to saving a relationship. This includes learning from your past mistakes through experiences so you don't repeat them with someone else. I particularly love how it opens softly, but then there's a wave of emotions that breaks through in the chorus. It's absolutely spine-tingling. 

The next track 'Rush' exhibits a lurking darkness. There's also a degree of intensity in it, which is reflected in the synths. It's not only the instrumental that capture this, it's also showcased in the lyrical content. 'Rush' is about passion, as well as the desire of wanting to experience an emotional or physical connection with someone. In this track, she also discusses the addictive nature of craving intimacy and the detrimental effects of this. 

'Wednesday' is a contemplative track about reflecting on the situation you're in and realising the true reality of your life. The delicate nature of 'Wednesday' will have your insides feeling the emotional impact of the song. 

Contemplating decisions and reflecting on love are also themes of the next track 'Hopes'. Featuring commanding drums, this track captures the impassioned process of making a decision when your head is clouded with a siege of thoughts.

The EP closes on a high note with 'Empty Blockings', which is about the fears associated with love and feeling apprehensive about getting too deep. The intricate sounds of 'Empty Blockings' are lush and work beautifully with the soft tone of her voice. Though the entire EP is solid, she saves her best for last. 

To the Moon showcases Amanda Mair's maturity as a singer-songwriter — if this is a preview of things to come, we're beyond excited to see what she does next.

Written by Amy Smolcic

Listen to Amanda Mair's EP To the Moon below. You can also purchase the EP via Bandcamp or Itunes: