Feature: The Ingredients of My Design with Estère

Thursday, November 2, 2017

New Zealand's Estère released her mini-album My Design (P1) last month. The mini-album is the first half of her two-part sophomore album My Design, On Other’s Lives. We're thrilled that Estère took some time out from her busy schedule to share with us the elements that formed her mini-album and how they inspired her. 

I am fascinated by people and what makes them who they are. I studied anthropology at university and it has influenced my perception of the world around me ever since.

Close to my house in Wellington, there is a beach where lots of jellyfish often wash up. These big translucent visitors will just float in the harbour for days. That's where the inspiration for the track 'Jellyfish Stings' came from. 

Going for walks
I get a lot of my ideas for songs while walking. Often I'll be stuck for ideas when I'm sitting around idly, but as soon as I get out of the house and begin to move, things pop into my head. 

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Environment for sound samples 
Some of the sounds and samples I include in my songs influence the lyrics and storylines or vice versa. For example, the sound of bamboo trees swaying in the wind I recorded in 'Vietnam' not only were a large part of the production but also influenced the lyrical content. 

I'm interested in exploring song topics that I haven't heard before. I think every artist has a unique voice and perspective and for me, it's important to write about things that intrigue me about the world, such as ancestry, socio/political structures, and people. 

You can listen to MY DESIGN by Estère via the link.

Estère will be performing at the below dates. For more information, head to her FB page
14th November - Leadbelly, Newtown
15th November - The Toff in Town, Melbourne