Feature: The Ingredients of Shirk Life with Good Boy

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Fresh from the release of Shirk Life, Good Boy are finishing off the year with a bang. Along with their EP, they're also heading on the road before the year comes to a close. Tom Lindeman from the band shares the sounds that inspired their EP. 

Boomgates — Double Natural
We all love this band to bits and they’ve always been a huge influence for us  probably more so on this EP. Rian and I are always hunting around for their album on vinyl but we are yet to find a copy (if anyone has one please send it our way). I’ve always loved the mix of Brendan Huntley and Steph Hughes’ vocals. Please, please, please make more music. Or repress double natural. 

Courtney Barnett
A lot of the guitar parts and tones on the EP are in inspired by Courtney Barnett’s debut album. Well at least that’s what I had in mind — they probably sound nothing like it. I think you could hear this most in track 5, 'Hell in a Handbasket'

Title Fight  Hyperview
Rian got me into Title Fight just before our tour with Grinspoon and Hockey Dad and I pretty much listened to this band for 3 months straight. The songs 'Consume, You Yuppy Dogs' and 'Majic Country' are probably of a product of this.  

Parquet Courts (in general)
Along with Boomgates, we are all huge fans of Parquet Courts. When we played Falls last year, their set was directly after ours on a different stage. We finished the set, ran off stage, threw our instruments in our tent, sprinted to the main stage and witnessed one of our favourite live shows to date. Parquet Courts were a direct influence for 'Fishing With a Shotgun' however I think that’s kind of obvious. 

Wolf Alice
I started listening to Wolf Alice close to the start of the year and I haven’t really stopped since. Stu, our drummer, also got into them around the same time so a lot of the songs collectively have glimpses of Wolf Alice’s first record scattered throughout. The guitar line in the chorus of 'Majic Country' is a good example of that.

Catch Good Boy on tour at the below dates:
December 8 - Brighton Hotel, Mandurah 
December 9 - Mr Lonely, Fremantle
December 14 - The Workers Club, Melbourne
December 15 - The Lansdowne, Sydney
December 16  - Crowbar, Brisbane 
December 22 - Cats at Rocket Bar, Adelaide
(Check out the ticket info for shows here)

Listen to Shirk Life by Good Boy below: