Feature: Top Dance Moments with Gideon Bensen from Fiction Writer

To celebrate the release of their debut single and video 'No Rumour', Gideon Bensen from Fiction Writer has compiled a list of his fave dance choreography moments from music videos. 

'No Rumour' was choreographed by Richard House, who is a dancer and choreographer for The Australian Ballet and shot by cinematographer Tim Glastonbury. You can check out their incredible music video below. 

Radiohead - Lotus Flower
As a Radiohead fan, this was the first video that came to mind. I love the way it is shot and perhaps its one of the only times you see Thom Yorke truly let himself go in a video clip. The power that can come from a single camera and pure expression.

Björk - 'It's Oh So Quiet'
I remember waking up when I was a kid and flicking on Rage and seeing this come on, being so confused by what I was seeing and hearing! The dance scene at the end of the clip though is so good. Almost like Gene Kelly all over again.

Fatboy Slim - 'The Rockafeller Skank'
Another classic in my opinion. Fatboy Slim has always had a strong dance element in all his clips, but I really loved this one for how much it represented what you were hearing. Surf guitar and Spaghetti Western sounds with breakdancing cowboys, what’s not to love!

Michael Jackson - 'Thriller'
I don’t really need to say anything about this one. Simply one of the best videos of all time, by one of the best artist/dancer of all time!

The XX - 'Islands'
This was a reference when we were storyboarding the ‘No Rumour’ clip. We were looking for a way to simply illustrate the lyrics and sentiment of the song without the need for large sets and too much distraction, as well the repetition was something I thought would help communicate certain ideas in the song.

Chairlift – 'Amanaemonesia'
Perhaps more of a performance art piece than that of a video clip (but, that's what a video is… isn’t it?). A great video that sticks in your head after you’ve watched it. I remember watching this a number of times looking for new meaning in it.

Watch Fiction Writer's debut video 'No Rumour' below:

Photo credit: Tim Glastonbury

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