Feature: We Play 'What Song...' with Jeremy Neale

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

All-round legend Jeremy Neale has been busy cooking up his debut solo album Getting The Team Back Together, which is dropping this Friday. To celebrate its impending release, Jeremy shares some of his fave tunes with us in our latest 'What Song...'

What song reminds you of your youth?
'I Get Around' by The Beach Boys
When I was a kid, my dad gave me a double cassette tape of The Beach Boys Greatest Hits. I would exclusively listen to the first 3 tracks and then rewind the tape and start again. It's also where I first got adept at air guitaring which later transformed into adequate rhythm guitaring.

What song is your ultimate party track?
'Dancing Queen' by ABBA
If this doesn't start the party no matter where you are, you're at the wrong party. 

What song do you listen to before you jump on stage?
'Tucker's Daughter' by Ian "Mossy" Moss
For a while, it was 'Anyway You Want It' by Journey but just last week I switched it out for 'Tucker's Daughter' by Ian "Mossy" Moss. 

What song would you make your theme song?
'All Right' by Christopher Cross
Anytime it looks like you can't make it, you gotta hold on. You're gonna make it. You're gonna be all right. I think it's important to keep perspective on the long game and this song sums that up perfectly — in the way only an 80s soft rock classic featuring a blazing guitar solo can. 

What song reminds you of your first heartbreak?
'Magic' by January 
This song is all-time. Unfortunately, I also put it on a mixtape for a girl I was dating when I was 17. True brutal teen heartbreak. 

What do you have on repeat right now?
'Spaceman' by The Killers
I listened to the 2008 classic 'Spaceman' by The Killers 3.5 times on my walk to the valley last night for reasons I can't really explain but also, High-Tails latest single 'Into The Light'.

What song is your guilty pleasure?
'Dancing In The Moonlight' by Toploader
No need to feel guilt for liking one of the greatest songs of all-time — Toploader's version of 'Dancing In The Moonlight'. There's something so magical about this track that I just can't explain but it never fails to improve any occasion. 

You can listen to 'Small Talk' by Jeremy Neale below: