Now Playing: Victoria Celestine – 'Can You Hear The Echo?'

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Victoria Celestine, who is based in Texas, has returned with her latest single 'Can You Hear The Echo?'. If you're in public and you're about to listen to this track, be warned, it's going to leave you with a big smile on your face. 

There's something extremely enchanting about 'Can You Hear The Echo?'. Victoria's vocals are light and sweet — her tone works harmoniously with the rest of the track to create a shimmering energy throughout its duration. This sparkling energy is maintained through the use of buoyant electronic beats and synths. Don't be fooled by the sweet sounding vibes of the track, lyrically she sings about the effect past relationships have had on her, as well as why the past continues to manifest itself. 'Can You Hear The Echo?' is catchy in the best way possible and I assure you that you will be mesmerised by the magic that is overflowing in the track. 

Listen to 'Can You Hear The Echo?' by Victoria Celestine below:

Written by Amy Smolcic