Single Review: Amaroun – 'Bed Bugs'

Monday, November 20, 2017

Amaroun, which is a musical project driven by the ever-so-talented Jay Brown, has unleashed her new single 'Bed Bugs'. 'Bed Bugs' is the first instalment of a series of singles she will be releasing right through into the new year. 

'Bed Bugs' is an early slice into what we can expect from Amaroun in her future releases — including poetic lyricism, stunning vocals and music that will have you feeling emotional from start to finish. The composition of 'Bed Bugs' is dream-like and it makes you feel like your lounging on a cloud. However, her vocals present a different vibe. Amaroun's vocals are confident and drive the track. Another shining aspect of 'Bed Bugs' is the juxtaposition between the calming nature of her production with the raw and sentimental lyricism, which showcases her experiences of being at a crossroads period of her life and trying to navigate her way through the challenges associated with this. It's a personal track for Amaroun, but many listeners can relate to the challenges she reflects on in 'Bed Bugs'. 

We're eagerly awaiting to hear what Amaroun does next, and you will be too after listening to 'Bed Bugs'.

Listen to 'Bed Bugs' by Amaroun below:

Written by Amy Smolcic

Photo credit: Anna Michell