Single Review: Auður — 'I'd Love'

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Auður is one of the most exciting recent acts to come from Iceland. 'I'd Love' is his latest single, which follows up from the release of his visual album Alone

The hypnotic nature of 'I'd Love' is impossible to deny. Auður draws the listener in early on, and you can't help but gravitate towards sultry vibes and his tantalising guitar work. He aligns his delicate and winding guitars with the hauntingly beautiful electronic production. The electronic production gives the feeling of impending darkness, and it's flawless. 'I'd Love' is reminiscent of everything that is mysterious about the night, and he captures this seamlessly. Auður's lyricism on the track also represents the seductiveness of the night. His words give the indication that the night holds secrets that our curious minds seek to unveil. 

Listen to Auður's stunning new track 'I'd Love' below.

Written by Amy Smolcic