Single Review: Hovvdy – 'Late'

Friday, November 17, 2017

Hovvdy, who are from Austin, Texas, have dropped their touching new single 'Late', which is a slice off of their upcoming sophomore release Cranberry. Cranberry is set to be unleashed into the wild on February 9 via Double Double Whammy.  

'Late' is drenched in melancholic vibes and is about the bewildering process of navigating around feelings of anxiety and panic. Listening to 'Late' tugs at your heartstrings and you will without a doubt experience spine-tingling goosebumps during your first listen. The drowned out vocals capture the moodiness of the track. The vocals also expose the raw and sincere emotions of 'Late'. The guitars, which are lo-fi to a degree, showcase the nerving themes of the single. It's not hard to find yourself listening to 'Late' on repeat, with every listen knocking you over with its emotional weightiness. 

Listen to 'Late' by Hovvdy below:

Written by Amy Smolcic