Single Review: Strange Hellos — 'Gold for the Golden'

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Norway's Strange Hellos unveiled their album Chromatic last Friday. Along with the release of their album, they also unleashed their newest single 'Gold for the Golden'. 

Their latest drop 'Gold for the Golden' features intricate production and intertwining guitars. The power of the guitars absorbs the listener into a wonderland of intoxicating soundscapes. They're also able to superbly balance both the dreamy essence of the track with the burst of energy in the chorus. As soon as the track transitions into a heavier sound, it makes you want to sing-a-long and scream the words aloud. Emotions are a driving force in the arrangement 'Gold for the Golden', and you can feel it everytime the chorus plays. It's also impossible to fault the sleek and charming vocals of Birgitta Alida Hole, which compliment the track delightfully.

You can listen to the rest of Strange Hellos' album Chromatic here.

Written by Amy Smolcic