Feature: The Ingredients of Find Something You Love And Let It Kill You with Grenadiers

Sunday, December 31, 2017

Last month, Adelaide locals Grenadiers shared their independent LP Find Something You Love And Let It Kill You. The record took them a little while to put together after a couple of headaches and hardships, but they persevered and delivered. Learn more about what inspired them to create the LP with Jesse Coulter from the band.

You can listen to Find Something You Love And Let It Kill You here!

Radio Birdman’s live energy & raw power
Probably my biggest single influence on Grenadiers’ more recent stuff, and a band that we all enjoy. Just raw energy and power, an irresistible stream of pure rockin’ adrenaline. We don’t necessarily sound a whole lot like Birdman (no-one really can), but if we can capture half of the rough, organic catharsis of them on one of our recordings, people are gonna dig it.

The Screaming Tribesmen’s melancholic Aussie vibe
We tried to get a bit more of an 80’s Australian vibe happening on this record, while still sounding like ourselves. There’s not a lot on Find Something You Love... that sounds like the Tribesmen, but I think this song captures a kind of melancholic yet upbeat, happy/sad energy which was quite particular to certain bands in the 80's, and particularly Australian ones. This particular track (Igloo) is a bit of an underrated gem in the Australian pub rock canon.

Mastodon’s wild guitar style
This is a band that has such an unmistakable stamp of authenticity on their guitar sound, and it’s something that I really love- it’s so frenetic, a little bit discordant but really musical, with heaps of hammer-ons, pull offs and sympathetic notes. You can hear a little bit of Mastodon in the riffs for songs like Panic Attack and Live Fast, Diabetes (exemplified well from around 1:05-2:32 in this clip) - a kind of crazed bluegrass/metal thing that I love trying to rip off a little. Brann Dailor is also a bit of a drum influence to Jimmy.

The Hives’ jagged attack
The Hives are a band that we all really like, and who I think we have a bit in common with in terms of downstroke-driven guitar rock. Their sound on most of their harder stuff comes in no small part from the attack in the guitarists’ hands- their tone is pretty clean but they just dig in like motherfuckers and really work for the tone. That’s something we try to achieve too, and I think particularly on a track like Midnight Man you can hear a bit of a Hives influence.

Midnight Oil’s songwriting ability and general awesomeness
Whenever we’re writing a song and get a bit stuck or aren’t sure where to turn next, I always find it useful to ask myself: “what would Midnight Oil do?”. They have literally everything you could want- poignant lyricism, powerful guitars, pounding and primal yet complex drums, memorable hooks and a whole shitload of authenticity. You may not listen to Grenadiers and think there’s a whole lot of Midnight Oil influence there, but that’s the beauty of the band- their sound is so ubiquitous that it’s there in every Aussie band that’s come since. The GOAT.

Grenadiers will be hitting the road in 2018, find out below where you can catch them live!
Thursday February 8 - The Eastern, Ballarat
Friday February 9 - Workers Club, Melbourne
Saturday February 10 - The Chippo, Sydney
Sunday February 11 - North Gong, Wollongong
Friday February 23 - The Northern, Byron Bay
Saturday February 24 - Black Bear Lodge, Brisbane
Friday March 9 - Mojo’s, Fremantle
Saturday March 10 - Prince of Wales, Bunbury
Saturday March 17 - Crown & Anchor, Adelaide

Info on where you can grab your tix is available here.