Gig Review: E^ST | Oxford Circus | Sydney | 1.12.17

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

On a warm Friday night, I found myself at a venue that I had not been to before, the Oxford Circus in Darlinghurst. The venue looked mysteriously abandoned when I arrived, with the entrance doors locked and the windows blacked out. There were a few punters milling about outside similarly confused, soon a bouncer appeared and we were let in. Once inside the dark venue, people made themselves comfortable on the old leather couches. The space had quite an intimate feel like being in someone's living room.

While everyone was settling in for the night, I noticed a guy dressed in white had taken to the stage, oddly he stood there in the dark for a good while — also keeping us all in anticipation. Then the PA music died down and the lights came up and whoa! Greenwave Beth burst out on stage to his synth-heavy set. Twitching about like a young David Byrne of Talking Heads. It was such an energetic and enigmatic performance, with an amazing sense of weird. Never have I seen a gig stop for a game of charades, (it was the movie Polar Express in case you were wondering). The chaotic fun was soon over, then it was Korg in the backpack, shoes on and off into the night.

Next up was Clypso. Clypso was amazing and her performance really took it to the next level. A great sense of confidence in her work. Her sonic stylings went from Skrillex to old school Yello, and she also did a great cover of America's 'Horse With No Name'. Her final song had the room clapping along, I was blown away by her performance, it was high quality and I will definitely be keeping an ear out for her in the future.

Then E^ST was up and suddenly it was standing room only. The eagerly awaiting were hungry for what was on offer. From the first few drum beats, you could tell she was loving being up there, cracking a huge grin as she began, and the crowd reciprocated, bouncing along with her. E^ST didn't fail to deliver and showed her amazing raw talent, which entertained us all. It was the perfect mix of electro vibes, solid vocals and youthful exuberance. The intimate venue was perfect for her set. There was a lot of love in the room that night, and I left on a real high. I couldn't pick a better way to start a weekend!

E^ST | Oxford Circus | Sydney | 1.12.17 
Words and Photos by Joshua Pike