Now Playing: No Vacation – 'Reaper'

Friday, December 15, 2017

Last month, San Francisco's No Vacation released their EP Intermission, and though we’re absolutely loving the whole EP, their track ‘Reaper’ has caught our attention. 

Everything part of ‘Reaper’ works beautifully together. The lush instrumentals transport into another world where you’re lounging in a hammock near the beach. The guitars stand-out, yet remain mellow and blend in with other elements of the track. Another impressive part of ‘Reaper’ is Sabrina Mai’s vocals, which are dreamy and help capture the essence of the track. Though listening to the track makes you feel like you’re floating on a cloud, the lyrics carry an emotional weight, especially the opening lines, “Did you hear that? A knock at the door Could that be death? Knocking at my doorstep”. 

Listen to ‘Reaper’ below and click here to listen to the rest of their EP.