Feature: The Ingredients of Casco Bay with Lillet Blanc

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

New York's Lillet Blanc recently unleashed their latest project Casco Bay. To celebrate the release of the EP, Emily Rawlings shares the inspiration behind Casco Bay — including the New England seaside, film noir, DIY Punk, New York and C86.

Seaside/New England
We’ve always been really inspired by the surf, ocean images, and that nostalgic feeling that the sea inspires in everyone — longing, hope, the unknown, potential for an adventurous life. I think that sonically the ocean also inspires a lot of what we aspire to do — a lot of washiness, gritty bass tones, jangly guitar lines. Casco Bay, the town in Maine that the EP is named for, is the quintessential New England town with the lighthouse, bridges, ice cream parlors, rocky shores - all this imagery that I love to use metaphorically in my lyrics.

I really believe that creating is equally about appreciating other art mediums. Museums, galleries, parks, movies are all ways to get out of your own head as I think we all do when working on something for a significant amount of time. I find myself especially intrigued by film noir and Hitchcock films, and I’m obsessed with old movie heroines of course.

New York City/City Life
During the beginning of writing Casco Bay, Sean and I were both planning on moving from Boston where we went to school to New York. A lot of the ideas and themes in these songs definitely come from dreaming about the possibilities and inspiration that we both looked for in moving here. Once we moved, the city definitely captured us. Walking new streets, crossing bridges, finding cafes, experiencing the city as an unpredictable and ever-changing identity is kind of a life force that keeps us going.

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C86/British Indie Framework
As kind of the pinnacle of the indie music world, C86 is a huge inspiration for us. This compilation really epitomizes a lot of what we aim for with Casco Bay — jangly guitars, slightly pop-py structure, melodic bass lines. Without an influence such as C86, the indie scene would be wildly different.

CBGB/DIY Punk Scene
We live in Brooklyn, so it makes sense that we’re a bit obsessed with the history of rock in New York City. CBGB was the venue that really pushed the beginnings of the underground DIY scene here, and the powerful icons that played there created the entire framework for the music that inspires us. Imagine seeing shows with Talking Heads, Blondie, Suicide, Television?

You can stream Casco Bay below. The EP is also available to stream via Apple Music or you can purchase it here

If you're in New York, Lillet Blanc has shows coming up. Find more information here.

(Photo by Jordan Rich via Lillet Blanc's FB page)