Now Playing: Joel Baker – 'Worry About Me' (Acoustic)

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

If Ed Sheeran had a son, Joel Baker and 'Worry About Me' would sum them up. The Nottingham born singer-songwriter released an acoustic version of 'Worry About Me', which washes over you like a warm breeze. 

The tone is soft but raspy at times and the subtle acoustic melodies lurking in the background create an ambient tune. Baker even manages to slow rap throughout the song, which is reminiscent of Ed Sheeran's new approach to music. 

The song weaves through the notion of jealousy in a relationship. Its lyrics express love on edge, "I’ve learnt love is living life on the thread, sometimes love is like bringing a rifle to bed." The melody and tone throughout the song is successful in portraying heartbreak and a yearning desire for a significant other.

Written by Jarred Morley

You can purchase 'Worry About Me' (Acoustic version) here or stream it via Apple Music