Now Playing: LOVE SICK – 'Hope'

Thursday, January 25, 2018

LOVE SICK, who are from Glasgow, has just released their newest track 'Hope'. The duo's latest single is an exhilarating track about bouncing back from adversity and finding the light away from the bleakness. 

'Hope' possesses many atmospheric qualities — the vocals are soaring and the electronic beats further elevate the track's meaning. Though the production is dynamic and uplifting, there's also a sedative quality to it. The mix of the gentle vocals and serene production results in a combination that's ever-so-dreamy. The words are also deeply moving and will capture your attention from the very beginning. The start is about feeling doubtful, "I feel like there's no way out" — as the track progresses, the words become more hopeful.

LOVE SICK are set to share more music as 2018 progresses, 'Hope' is a sign that they're about to drop some more gems this year — stay tuned. 

Written by Amy Smolcic

You can stream 'Hope' via Apple Music.

(Photo by Daniel Alexander Harris via LOVE SICK's FB Page)